Multivalent Microarray Slides


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The Clear Choice for Complex Analysis.

Multivalent Surface Coating (MSC) technology is the unique technology behind our microarray slide products. MSC technology overcomes the sensitivity issues of conventional microarray slides and delivers superior performance for analysis of molecular interactions. It enables 3-dimensional molecular presentation on a solid microarray surface without compromising binding specificities. In addition, the multivalency and functional groups on the microarray slides are customable based on clients’ requests.

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Our Microarray Slide Products are powered by the innovative Multivalent Surface Coating (MSC) Technology. This unique technology addresses the sensitivity limitations found in traditional microarray slides, offering enhanced performance for the analysis of molecular interactions. MSC technology allows for a three-dimensional presentation of molecules on a solid microarray surface, preserving binding specificities without compromise.

Key Features:

  • 1) Customizable Multivalency and Functional Substrates:

    Tailor your microarray slides to meet specific project requirements, ensuring optimal performance for your unique applications. We offer a variety of functional substartes such as NHS, hydrazide and DBCO.

    *The Multivalent Surface Coating (MSC) technology is protected under two U.S. patents: Nos. 11,231,415 and 11,656,224.

  • 2) Versatile Applications:
    Our advanced slides are designed to support a wide range of applications that require the immobilization of molecules on a solid surface, offering unparalleled flexibility and utility.

    Molecular Probes Functional Coatings
    Proteins Planar NHS, Multivalent DBCO
    Antibodies Planar NHS
    Lectins Planar NHS
    Peptides Planar NHS, Multivalent NHS, Multivalent DBCO
    Glycans Multivalent NHS, Multivalent Hydrazide, Multivalent DBCO
    Polysaccharides Multivalent NHS, Multivalent Hydrazide
    Glycopeptides Multivalent NHS
    Glycolipids Multivalent NHS, Multivalent Hydrazide
    Cell/tissue Lysates Planar NHS
    Sera Planar NHS
    Small Molecules Multivalent NHS, Multivalent DBCO

    Experience the difference with our MSC technology-enhanced microarray slides, where precision meets innovation to accommodate your research needs.