Accelerating glycobiology research

Glycan Microarray

This service is designed to help you determine the glycan-binding profiles of your biological samples.

Lectin Microarray

This service is designed to help you determine the glycosylation characteristics of your biological samples.

Custom Microarray

Design and manufacture carbohydrate, protein, antibody, vesicle, or microbe microarrays to meet your special research needs.

Flow Cytometry Analysis

This service is designed to help you determine the glycosylation characteristics of live cells.

Glycosylation Analysis

This service is designed to help you identify an entire set of intact N/O-linked glycans expressed on proteins, cells, tissues, or organisms. The site-specific analysis is available for protein or antibody samples.

Glycan & Glycopeptide Synthesis

We are an industry leader in carbohydrate synthesis and glycoengineering. We specialize in making microarray-compatible glycans and glycopeptides.












Starting with an early planning process helps to ensure all the elements have been incorporated into the study design. We offer our expertise to ensure the study is well planned.

During the process, the study's objective is clearly defined, and experiments are properly proposed to increase the chances of success.


Sample collection guidelines are based on the sample type and particular project. We offer our recommendations on each sample collection process to ensure the quality of the experiments.


An experienced and dedicated group of staff members perform the experiments with our continuously updated technology platform.


The interpretation portion of the study is a collaborative process that helps turn the data into useful biological insights. We work together to take a deep dive and decipher what the data really means.


At the end, easy-to-follow data sets are delivered. These data sets allow investigators to integrate, analyze and create customized data displays.

Words from Our Customers

  • Ratnashree
    A US medical research institute

    I have had a good experience in using the glycan arrays – O-glycan and ABO arrays so far. I would highly recommend Z-Biotech arrays to future customers. With regard to queries and services, Z Biotech is very prompt and helpful whenever needed.

  • Sarah
    A US Pharmaceutical Company

    My experience with Z Biotech could not have been smoother or more productive. After reaching out about the glycan array services, Jian called me within an hour to discuss the project, kept me updated throughout the process, and ultimately completed the project and analysis within 2 weeks. Afterwards, Jian and two scientists met with me in a timely manner to review the data and answer any questions about the project specifically and glycobiology generally. The data seem of high quality with low variability across replicates, and we plan to include it in a manuscript.

  • Associate Director
    A UK Biotech Company

    We came to Z-biotech for help characterising antibodies we produced against glycan targets. The scientists were extremely helpful in designing the experiment, produced high quality data in a short period of time, and returned a detailed report that allowed us to make critical decisions in the development of our therapeutic. I would highly recommend using them for the analysis of glycan binding antibodies.

  • Server
    A US Biotech Company

    We have been working with Z-biotech over a year on multiple projects and have always been impressed by their professionalism, efficiency, and quality of work. Not only do they provide reproducible high-quality data, but they also contribute to the design and planning of our experiments with their critical thinking. We highly recommend them.

  • BJ
    A US medical research institute

    Z-Biotech makes high quality glycan arrays with excellent coverage of various glycans.  Arrays that we tested very recently showed specific signal with relatively little noise. The quality of arrays is higher than others that we have tried. The staff are quick in order processing and their scientists are very helpful responding to questions and communicating details and needed troubleshooting as well as data analysis.  We found them honest and transparent.