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Custom Microarray Services

We help researchers to create custom-made microarrays to meet their special research needs. Harnessing the power of Multivalent Surface Coating (MSC) technology, our microarray platform enables the immobilization of various biological samples on the solid microarray surface. The custom-made microarrays are made with unique array probes (e.g., carbohydrates, antibodies, proteins, or microbes), array layouts, and array dimensions. We help our customers to select the best microarray substrates for immobilizing their samples (probes), provide custom substrate coatings, and manufacture the microarrays. Customers may request our in-house glycans or lectins, biological samples from vendors, or provide their own probes for manufacturing the microarrays.

Examples of custom-made Microarrays

  • Antibody Microarray
  • Glycan Microarray
  • Glycolipid Microarray
  • Glycopeptide Microarray
  • Plant or Human Lectin Microarray
  • Peptide Microarray
  • Protein Microarray
  • Reverse-phase Protein Array
  • Small Molecular Microarray

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