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Program Description:

Glycan Array Pilot Award is an annual award established by Z Biotech with the purpose of encouraging and motivating scientists in the use of glycan microarrays in their research. The proposed projects should utilize the cutting-edge glycan array technology offered by Z Biotech (explore our products) to test the feasibility of novel avenues of research that will foster creative discoveries for ultimately protecting and improving health.

These awards provide funding to carry out Z Biotech glycan array analysis. This year’s program will support 10 investigators from research institutes, biotechs, and pharmaceutical companies. The submission process is straightforward, and applications will be reviewed within 2 weeks from the submission.


The goal of this program is to support investigators who are interested in using glycan arrays in their research, and in promoting the utilization of cutting-edge glycan microarray technology for basic science, translational, and clinical studies.


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  1. Applicants from domestic or foreign are eligible.
  2. Applicants must have full-time appointments at a research institute, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies, and hold research positions.
  3. The application is open year-round.
  1. The award will provide glycan microarray products or our in-house analysis services for up to 6 biological samples. Samples can be proteins, antibodies, cells, cell lysate, serum, vesicles, bacteria, or viral particles. If more than this amount is required for the proposed experiment(s), the investigator will bear the additional costs.
  2. To protect your confidential information, we provide an option to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before submitting your application. Please get in touch with for a copy of the NDA.
  3. Prepare a simple application by following the Application Format below.
Application Format:

The application should adhere to the following format:

Page 1: Cover page, including project title, the applicant’s full name, title, and contact information.

Page 2: A summary of the research project. 12-pt font, single-spaced, 1-page max. Investigators may address:

  • Your central hypothesis and how our glycan microarrays can help you test the hypothesis.
  • Your research plan: state how you would like to use our glycan microarray products or assay services.
  • State the novelty and significance of the project.

Page 3: Please include a bio-sketch of the investigators.

Application Process:

E-mail the application as a PDF or Word document to with “Glycan Microarray Pilot Award” in the subject line.

Questions about this award may be addressed to

Selection Criteria:

Awards will be based on novelty, significance, feasibility, environment, and commitment. Applicants should briefly address these criteria in the application.

Review Process:

The selection process will be performed at Z Biotech within 2 weeks of the submission.