Neu5Gc/Neu5Ac N-Glycan Array

Neu5Gc is a major mammalian sialic acid synthesized from Neu5Ac by an enzyme that is no longer present in humans.  Regardless, nonhuman, diet-derived Neu5Gc is metabolically integrated into a variety of human tissues. Human cells can biochemically recognize Neu5Gc and incorporate it into cell-surface glycoconjugates, however, the immune system recognizes Neu5Gc-containing glycans as alien and produces anti-Neu5Gc antibodies resulting in inflammation.  Diseases relating to chronic inflammation such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and thyroiditis are associated with higher levels of anti-Neu5Gc and Neu5Gc, and it is suspected to be involved in other diseases that are exacerbated by a red meat Neu5Gc-rich diet.

Z Biotech's Neu5Gc microarray represents a broad range of N-glycans found on cell surfaces that have incorporated Neu5Gc.  These arrays can be investigated with glycan-binding proteins, antibodies, or cells in order to determine their specific interaction with this Neu5Gc xenoantigen.  For comparison, each array includes the precursory, non-xenogenic Neu5Ac sialic acid form of each glycan.  

Featured Neu5Gc/Neu5Ac N-Glycans

Typical Binding Assay Result from the Neu5Gc/Neu5Ac Array

The Neu5Gc/Neu5Ac N-glycan Array was assayed with biotinylated SNA lectin, followed by a streptavidin-Cy3 conjugate. The array was scanned with a microarray scanner at 532nm wavelength. There is no non-specific binding for the negative control spots. The positive control and marker show binding as expected, as well as α-2,6 sialic acid-containing N-glycans.  There is generally stronger binding to Neu5Gc than Neu5Ac sialylated N-glycans.

For the Neu5Gc/Neu5Ac N-glycan Array user manual, click here.

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For the Neu5Gc/Neu5Ac N-glycan Array user manual, click here.
To place an order, contact us at or visit our online store.