Arrays are printed on the side with the “Z Biotech” label and 4-digit number ID facing upward. The “Z Biotech” label is located on the bottom center from a landscape view. The number ID is consistent with the barcode ID on the bottom from a portrait view.

Z Biotech also provides optimized buffers and blockers for maintaining the activity of analysis samples and obtaining high assay signal intensity for microarrays fabricated on the microarray substrates.

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Microarray Slides and Assay Buffers

Z Biotech offers several versions of glycan, protein or DNA microarray substrates featured with arrangement of 3-dimensional and multivalent functional groups on the surface. The NHS microarray slides contain highly reactive n-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) ester surface, which forms covalent bonds with primary amines. The NHS slides offer high loading capacity and extremely low background for the immobilization of proteins (antibodies and antigens), amine-modified glycans, amino-modified oligonucleotides, and amine-modified small chemical molecules. The hydrazide-functionalized substrate slides provide the only microarray slides on the market that are capable for fabricating glycan microarrays with natural glycans containing free reducing-end. Additionally, the hydrazide-functionalized slide also can be used for site-specific immobilization of proteins through the carbohydrate portion after oxidation.