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Heparan Sulfate Glycan Array

Heparan sulfate is a sulfated, unbranched polysaccharide found on cell surfaces as well as in the extracellular matrix.  Heparan sulfates interact with a variety of proteins and are known to be important to the regulation of many physiological and pathophysiological functions.  Because of the prevalence and multifunctionality of heparan sulfates, investigation of the binding roles of this type of glycan has become invaluable for understanding how to combat related diseases. 

Z Biotech has expanded its microarray technology to provide a research platform specifically for the investigation of heparan sulfates.  Our Heparan Sulfate Array can be used to determine the specific binding interactions between various types of heparan sulfates and their potential protein partners via microarray assays.

Heparan Sulfate Features

Typical Binding Assay Result from the Heparan Sulfate Glycan Array

The Heparan sulfate glycan array was assayed with antithrombin III (10 μg/ml), followed by anti-antithrombin III antibody (2 μg/ml), and then anti-mouse IgG antibody AlexaFluor555 (10 μg/ml). The array was scanned with a microarray scanner at 532nm wavelength.  Positive controls and the marker show binding as expected with the mouse IgG control being the strongest (PC3).  HS023 and HS024 show specific binding to Antithrombin III.