​​​Z Biotech offers a comprehensive group of glycan microarray services. If you have specific glycans you would like printed, please contact us​and we will coordinate the printing and assaying of your glycans. We also have access to glycans that maybe not be available for you. Whether your interest is native or synthetic glycans, we have the solutions to meet your requirements. Whether you choose from our list of available glycans or send us your own content, we can design an array, non-contact print and have arrayed slides or assay results delivered to you within 2 weeks.

Our glycan microarray services include:

1. Glycan array printing service
2. Glycan array binding assay service
3. Glycan binding protein labeling service (e.g., biotin, fluorescence)
4. Glycan purification, characterization (NMR, MS) and labeling services


Glycan Microarray Services

Glycan Microarray Service Workflow

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Innovative Biochemical Analysis Solutions

Innovative Biochemical Analysis Solutions

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If you used Z Biotech’s glycan and glycan array products and services in your research and cited in the publications please send a copy or link of the publication to us. In order to express our appreciation the author(s) will receive a gift from us.