We are happy to announce that the Duke Human Vaccine Institute (DHVI) has published their research in the journal "Science Translational Medicine" using our custom high-mannose glycan array to characterize the binding profile of their broadly neutralizing antibodies. [Pubmed Link]

Z Biotech offers a comprehensive group of glycan microarray services & custom carbohydrate synthesis building blocks and solutions.

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Z Biotech is a designer and service provider of biochemical analysis tools.

  • As a leader in cost-effective biochemical analysis solutions, our focus is to develop innovative microarray and carbohydrate products and related services. 

  • At microarray, our speciality is creating optimized microarray substrates and glycan microarray services.

  • ​At carbohydrate, our speciality is production of highly purified carbohydrate products for life science.

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Z Biotech offers two versions of microarray substrates & We also provide our clients with innovative and cost-effective carbohydrate building blocks




Z Biotech is developing innovative synthesis and microarray platforms for carbohydrate molecules, and related analytical assay development services.

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